‘Heart of Gold’

‘A modern twist on the traditional Welsh Love Spoon!’

This is the last one of the four new designs I made for the Sit and Spoon exhibition at the Workers Gallery & Workshops.


I knew exactly what this one was going to look like before I picked up a pair of pliers. It wasn’t any easier to make.  As with all my creations everything has to fit perfectly or else it won’t fit at all! When I had set out the design and made all the pieces I had a major problem – I couldn’t see the heart in the centre. Up until that point I was using all pink 1mm, silver plated copper wire.


Once I had decided to change the colour I also changed the gauge to 1.5mm and now it really is the focal point of the piece. The title was easy!

The photo above shows where I work. I have to work in mid air away from the desk so everything ends up in my lap!

The Sit and Spoon exhibition finishes this weekend so if you haven’t already enjoyed it you need to hurry!

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‘Forever’ & Ever & Ever, Etc, Etc…

Love is ‘Forever’ and it’s the third Love Spoon on display at the Workers Gallery in the Sit and Spoon exhibition. It is made from a Celtic knot which was then encrusted with beautiful Red Garnets.


I do love a challenge and this was especially challenging! When making the red Celtic knot it was really difficult to tie a knot with two long lengths of wire whipping about to form the inside and outside shape of the two hearts. I ended up securing the wire to my work board and wrestled it into submission! Adding the beautiful Red Garnet nuggets just lifts the whole piece to another level of affection.


The Celtic Knot is often used to represent never-ending love and friendship in Love Spoon history which makes this a perfect gift for the happy couple, anniversary or anyone you would like to show you care, Forever.

‘Forever’ available to buy at Workers Gallery & Workshops

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Wherefore art thou Serenity?

What’s in a name? Putting a title to your artwork may be the last thing you do or the first, depending how you work. It might be something you agonise over for days and nights or you might number them in sequence and call it No. 104. I rather think that makes it sound like the local bus service but it is a very personal thing. Some artworks are titled ‘Untitled’ which leaves it up to the viewer to assume a meaning of some kind. I know that art should not need to be explained but I personally love a good title! I like to have a sense of what the artist was thinking and/or feeling when creating their work and then have my own interpretation of it.wipI’m an obsessive title-giver. I have agonised right up until the very last second of hanging a piece on the wall. On other occasions its been like a lightning bolt. Take my new design ‘Serenity’ for example. It means calm, peaceful and untroubled. The exact opposite of how I was feeling with this impossible quest I’d set upon myself. How to fill the space with hearts in an aesthetically pleasing way. It is not one of the four designs above – they are a sample of some of the many ideas that came before. Although they’re ok, and I might come back to them in a future project, nothing was feeling right.

So, after a few hours and a couple dozen different configurations, they all fell into place. Well, some of them did, the rest I had to make again to fit! It was only then, ‘Serenity,’ appeared. That was the overwhelming feeling I had when I saw the finished design.  It wasn’t even what I’d had in mind as I was trying to completely fill the space!  I’d love to know what you think or feel when you look at it. How do you title your work? Comment below and like and follow, if you like.serenity2‘Serenity’ is the second of my new designs of Love Spoons for sale in the Sit and Spoon Exhibition at the Workers Gallery in Ynyshir.  The exhibition is based on Love Spoons and Love Seats and is an amazing collection of modern and traditional design.

Next time ‘Forever’.

One Year On for more about ‘Love Blooms’

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One Year On

This time last year was my very first experience of being in an exhibition. In fact, my whole creative output last year was entirely due to Gayle Rogers and Chris Williams at the Workers Gallery! I’ve taken part in a further three exhibitions with the Workers Gallery in Ynyshir and one with the Cynon Valley Museum in Aberdare.  Once again, I’m thrilled to be showing four new designs in this years Sit and Spoon Exhibition.


I’ll feature one each week as the exhibition runs until the 4th March.  The first one, above, is titled ‘Love Blooms’.  I have designed a modern twist on the traditional ‘Love grows’ theme which would originally have been a vine, meaning – a long and fruitful life.  My tree of life is made with beautiful nuggets of Peridot and has little red hearts growing on it to depict love from bud to full bloom.

Traditionally, Love Spoons used to be made for your sweetheart to show what a lovely, productive husband you would be.  Nowadays, Love Spoons make excellent and unique gifts to give to all your loved ones for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and especially Valentine’s Day!

Next time, ‘Serenity’.


Well, where on earth did 2016 go? Everyone I spoke to in the latter part of the year said the same thing! Where has this year gone?!

With monumental changes for our country and on top of that the amount of iconic legends that sadly passed away, I think secretly, we all wished this year would end!

I actually know why my year went careering off into the ether and that’s because I’m not organised. It’s true. I’m ashamed. I just don’t know what’s happening or when and suddenly events are upon me completely out of the blue. For example,Christmas. Who knew that was happening? Other people know it’s coming and shop all year and have presents wrapped and cards written by Oct 1st. What? How?

Well, I’ve got my organisers, post-it notes and a wall planner. It’s actually stuck to the door but it’ll still function as a wall planner, right?! I’ve written out all my deadlines & targets and thrashed out some longterm goals, too, for good measure!

I have an appalling memory at the best of times so I’m starting right now by getting this blog post written and posted. I’m planning to write more often (how many times have I said that?) about my work which means I’ve GOT to be more ORGANISED! There, cracked it already….



Leo and the Perseids.

Every year on Dave’s birthday we watch the sky at night to see the wonderful Perseids meteor shower so, with this in mind, I had an idea about making him a present. Awww, soon turned to eeek, as I only had five days!  Anyone who knows me, knows I work well under pressure, so I thought this idea was really simple, just make a Love Spoon with a Lion and the Perseid meteor shower.  What was I thinking?  A lion?  Anyway, I doodled in my sketchbook after googling ‘lions’ and decided to go for a profile view so that I could get more of the mane in detail.  Actually, based on my scribblings, I thought it would look more like a lion from the side rather than a teddy bear from the front.


I had to wrap around the whole of the heart to secure the mane as there was just too many points to tie on individually which definitely ate into my available time.  The eye is a faceted colour coated spinel which adds realism.  It’s funny really because it wasn’t until I was furtling through my gem stash that I even thought about a tooth to add a bit more growl!  I found the perfect shaped piece of cats eye glass with the hole in the right place, bonus.  I debated a bit about the star and how to fill it in but I chose the round and round method (I just made that up) and slowly filled the space which gives it a nice sparkly texture.


I think the ear is my biggest success in this piece as I decided early on it had to stick out as it just disappeared when laid flat.  The mane was another learning curve with those crimped points to give it a nice shape which helped with the layering of the mane.  Easing it out into a curve accentuated the 3D effect.  I started wrapping the ear with antique bronze but started again with gold to wrap all the way round from the ear to his neck.  It definitely makes the head stand out from the rest which is important for the overall look of the lion.  Mounting him onto the black card was obvious as it really does look like a night scene now.


I didn’t quite finish it in time for Dave’s birthday, but luckily it wasn’t his only present!  I definitely added more detail than I originally designed and it evolved into a more intricate piece with the layering so I was pleased with how it turned out and Dave loves it, too!  I’m now working on another new design for my Mum’s birthday at the end of the month but this time I’m going for pretty, not difficult. Well, that’s the plan!

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Small is Beautiful.

ACEO = Art Card Editions & Originals

These exquisite works of art are from the BIGsmallART exhibition at the Workers Gallery in Ynyshir. They are in the very collectable ACEO size which at 2.5″×3.5″ makes them adorably small but perfectly formed. These art cards are very collectable and can be traded amongst collectors in the same way as baseball cards. What an amazing opportunity for people to own original art at an affordable price.  The two pieces I bought today are worlds apart in terms of subject matter but they each appeal to me emotionally.


‘Dance for Joy’ by Patricia Clifford – I love the arms and legs in this painting, they make me smile. I have always had ballet in my life since my little sister wanted to be a ballerina from the age of five. I was brought up surrounded by tutus, listening to the same piece of classical music dozens of times as she perfected her routines and of course going to the theatre. Going to the ballet is still a great thrill for me and my most favourite has to be Swan Lake by Matthew Bourne. So, this is a little treat for me.


‘Dad’s Tractor’ by Gayle Rogers – this little beauty reminds me of growing up in the countryside. I grew up in Devon in the English Riviera. We spent half our summer holidays at the beach and the other half on Dartmoor. The similarities in landscape with Wales has definitely made it easier for me to settle here. From my parents bedroom window we could see farmers making hay, a glimpse of the River Dart, and best of all, the steam train chuffing its way to Kingswear. This is a birthday present for someone that owns a tractor so, shhhhh!

BIGsmallART NATION Exhibition at the Workers Gallery in Ynyshir is on until 27th August.

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